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Farm Equipment and Supplies

Personalized farm signs are an excellent and affordable way to enhance your home or farm entrance. EZSignsOnline.com uses all maintenance-free materials. Use their easy-to-navigate secure website to ‘build’ your sign online by choosing from a variety of options including size, style, color, font, graphics, etc. These signs also make great gifts for any type of farm, kennel, business or residence. HaulSafe Members receive a 10% discount on all sign orders, plus free shipping. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-640-8180.

Say goodbye to flies. For easy, safe and effective fly control, use Fly Predators® from Spalding Labs. For 44 years Spalding Labs has supplied Fly Predators® to livestock owners nationwide. These tiny beneficial insects are the natural enemy of flies but never bother people or animals. Simply put them out monthly during warm weather. Just $22.95+tax per month for up to 5 horses or $33.95+tax for 10 horses (includes shipping). Larger sizes available. HaulSafe Members receive an extra bonus of double the quantity of any one shipment at no extra cost. For more information, click on the logo or call 866-404-6021.