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At HaulSafe, we are truly committed to the safety and security of you and your livestock on the road. With our in-house dispatch team and state-of-the-art dispatch system, we are there for you 24/7 to provide white-glove service and get you back on the road. Coverage extends to any vehicle you are in — whether you are the passenger or the driver, and even if you’re not traveling with your livestock. We offer a variety of Emergency Roadside Services including:

  • FREE towing of your vehicle and/or livestock trailer for up to 100 miles
  • FREE emergency roadside repair (up to $200 per incident)
  • FREE coverage of any vehicle you are in—whether as driver or passenger
  • FREE Jumpstart, lockout and fuel delivery service
  • Much more…


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* $400 max benefit per vehicle per incident

** Coverage amounts do not include cost of parts or fluids. HaulSafe does not cover Commercial Haulers.