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Your free trial HaulSafe membership you received through CJSA has expired. To provide CJSA members an opportunity to continue to enjoy the peace of mind and security of HaulSafe membership, we are offering you $30 off when you renew you membership today. Continue your 24/7 nationwide coverage for all your vehicles and your livestock trailers, and always be prepared for unexpected vehicle or trailer problems. 

  • FREE towing of your vehicle and/or livestock trailer for up to 100 miles
  • FREE emergency roadside repair (up to $200 per incident)
  • FREE coverage of any vehicle you are in—whether as driver or passenger
  • FREE Jumpstart, lockout and fuel delivery service
  • Much more…


While one of the premier benefits of HaulSafe membership is coverage for your livestock trailers, keep in mind that with HaulSafe you are covered in any vehicle you are traveling in, whether you are towing a trailer or not. With a HaulSafe membership, there is no need to carry any other roadside assistance coverage!
* $400 max benefit per vehicle per incident

** Coverage amounts do not include cost of parts or fluids. HaulSafe does not cover Commercial Haulers.