Last month we mentioned different training routines; skin and hair were one of them. Specifically, your skin and hair routine should include bathing with shampoo and conditioner, brushing/combing, and a finishing product which could be a shine or a lotion varying on the species. The product chain is endless; you can use anything from dish soap to fancy shampoo and still see a positive end result. Weaver Leather and Sullivan Supply are great places to find effective products

Skin and hair care should happen every day. You do not necessarily have to bathe every day. But, doing the small things like brushing and lotion/conditioning will help level up your livestock’s skin and hair’s shape and presentation.

Any livestock showman and/or show parent knows how hard it is to stay organized in the mix of everything. As in anything, usually staying more organized, the better. Now, organization styles vary; find the one that works for you. Even though it is tough to do, staying organized makes your time in the barn much smoother. Just little things like labeling buckets and having a whiteboard or a notebook where you can write feed regimens and show schedules are super helpful. Stay organized!

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