Industry trends are constantly changing and one of the more recent ones is preferred hair length.
The hairier the better across all species. When you grow your animal’s hair you can do magic
with the clippers come show time. It is an art and a science.

Why grow hair? Well, the more hair the more we are able to modify our animals’ presented
image when it is time to show. It is kind of like makeup. A disadvantage of growing hair is
simply that some individual animals just do not grow hair very well. Another disadvantage is that
if you do not have your animals in a controlled climate, keeping animals cool can become a
potential issue in warm weather. The advantage of growing hair is that we are able to use the hair
to make our animal look more here and less there and vice versa in desired areas. It is a game
changer in the market shows.

Each species has its own trends regarding the lengths of hair in certain areas. On that same note,
each species has specific products made for them relating to skin care and hair growth. Livestock
species are a lot like us in the sense that healthy skin encourages healthy hair growth.

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