Are you doing everything you can to maintain your livestock trailer? Follow our advice to keep your trailer in tip top shape.

Not only are trailers a major investment, but they are what we rely on to safely transport our beloved animals from place to place. Needless to say, they’re worth putting a little time and effort into. Follow these tips to keep your trailer in the best shape possible so it will last for miles.

Keep It Covered

The best way to keep your trailer in good condition is by keeping it as out of the elements as possible. It’s not always an option to keep your trailer in an enclosed shed or garage, but there are ways you can keep parts of the trailer covered. If tires sit out in the sun, they can dry rot and they will become weaker and go flat easier. Invest in tire covers and use them when the trailer is going to be sitting for a long period of time. You can also buy a hitch cover to help keep sun, rain, and snow out of your brake light wires, safety chains, and other hitch mechanisms.

Purchase a hitch cover to use when your trailer is not in use. Jillian Sinclair

Seal it Up

It’s easy for water to leak in through windows, doors, and other unsealed areas that you might not even notice. When you park your trailer, double-check that all doors, windows, and vents are securely closed. Regularly check these areas to make sure they aren’t leaking and replace the rubber seals when they start to become dry and loose.

Clean it Out

Don’t forget to clean the manure and shavings out of your trailer after using it. If you let the urine sit for too long it will eventually start to erode the trailer floor and mats. To keep your floor in the best shape possible, clean it out and hose it out after each use. You can also use extra bedding when there are animals in the trailer to help absorb urine before it gets to the floor. If you can’t hose out the trailer after every use, try and do it at least every few months or between every 3-5 rides.

Keep it Moving

One of the worst things you can do to your trailer is let it sit for long periods of time. When tires sit for a long time, the weight of the trailer puts pressure on the same section of the tire which will eventually cause damage. 

When your trailer is sitting for a period, make sure to check the tire pressure and refill as needed to keep the tires from going flat. 

Refill the air in your tires to keep them from going flat while sitting. Jillian Sinclair

This is also the perfect time for your trailer to start to rust because water and moisture will build up if the trailer sits still for too long. Moving your trailer every few months will also help keep your brakes and bearings from becoming dry and getting stuck.

Bring in Professionals

It’s always a good idea to have a professional look over your trailer every 6 months or so, depending on how much you use it. They know exactly what to look for and have the tools needed to jack up your trailer to check hard-to-reach places. Brining your trailer to a trailer mechanic for a checkup will also help prevent any future problems because they will regularly replace and maintain all the necessary parts of the trailer. 

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